Saturday, 14 February 2009

The ramblings of a tired girl...

Well, as the title suggests. I'm absolutely tired, Was on a 6 until 2 am at work last night, and have a 4.45 until 2am tonight, and its really taking it outta me, so if things don't make sence well, its tough luck! lol
Well, as its Valentine's today, love is in the air... But, because of stupid scheduling, i haven't seen my other half properly since thursday night, and i wont until sunday night. :( which means that our Valentines day will be on Sunday, if we can be bothered.
And, my Birthday is on tuesday, and well, im not expecting anything, or even a happy birthday from some people. Its not that i want lots of presents, but the past few years, i've had no happy birthdays from anyone apart from family, and i remember all my friends etc and buy them presents, nothing much, but just to know i think of them etc. But meh, enough of that! lol
What else can i tell you all, well, my mum has had her operation,

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