Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sixth Post

Well, the 10 hour shift, on tuesday, turned into a 12 hour shift. And i was blooming knackered afterwards. Ended up finishing at 3am, after starting at 3pm... And today, I start at 7pm and will be finishing at 3am... Not nice... :(
But it means on my way back home, i can take a peaceful walk through by the river and try to find a nice stick or twig that i can turn into my wand, as i have been looking like forever, but because i've either been too tired to look, to annoyed with work to bother looking, or i've been with other people, its been impossible, but i think i will look tonight, unless, unfortunatly i am really tired, which i can see it happening. :( Well, at least i got tomorrow off because of that.
I'll be losing a bit of money, but i need an extra day off for once to catch up on sleep, but i doubt that will happen. I can sort out my witchy stuff too tomorrow, as i have a box full of herbs, crystals and stuff, but it all needs labelling, and sorting out. And seen as i couldn't do it last year, i am following along with the book Wicca: A Year and A Day. Its a book that gives you little 'exercises' every day of the year to help you learn along the craft, which ideally you should start on the 2nd February, at Imbolc. Which is propably the best time for me to start it, which is good!

Oh, and its my birthday next month, and i will be 23! :) Funny thing is, i feel older than i am, but i don't know why. But meh, maybe i'll grow in to it! lol

Anyways, i must go now, gunna have a nap before work, or maybe catch up on more Podcasts.
Speak later!

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