Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fifth Post

Well, i thought i would write another post before leaving for work.
The past week has been quite busy, The late night openings at work start this week, and im on shift on the second day late shift... Not looking forward to that... 7pm until 3am... I wasn't even asked to do it or volunteer like the people who wanted to do it (and not many have been given them), and when i told the manager that i wasn't happy about it he didnt seem bothered. Oh well...

Well, what else have i got to say...
Catching up on my Podcasts a lot the past few days... I have many Pagan podcasts and a few others as i mentioned before! I find all of the one's i have very interesting and even entertaining, especially when the rambles start (mentioning no names... *cough*Brook!*cough* :) ). They have also helped me learn alot more about the Craft, and i appreciate it very much! Thanks Guys! :D

Anyways, what else? Been tidying the house a lot, well, when i say a lot... I mean, a lot of days... but not much each day... I'm so useless! :( I try tidying but then my other half gets carried away looking at something or watching TV and then i get annoyed and give up! lol Lame excuse I know, but i will be doing more on Wednesday! Gotta clean out the Rabbit and Gerbil's too, before they start to smell the house out!

Well, must go, gotta finish listening to my Podcasts and get ready for work! 10 hour shift... Not nice :( oh well!

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