Saturday, 17 January 2009

Oh My Gosh!!!

Its been so long since i wrote on here.
Blimey! Way back in September...
Well the reason was that my lap top broke beyond quite badly, so i was bought a new laptop by my mum for christmas!
Well, what have i got to tell you all since my last blog...
Things are getting kind of hard at home. Nothing to do with me and my other half.
Its more to do with the credit crunch and the lack of money and jobs going. I suppose I'll go into more detail, yes???
Well, the credit crunch is hitting hard, the cost of everything is going up and no extra money from work or the government to help e.g. minimum wage increase. Also because it is now January like every year people dont come into work to eat much because there saving money after christmas, doubly so because of the credit crunch. Also with the take over at the pub where my other half works, means that no one goes in anymore, they have gone from serving about 40 people a day maybe more to being lucky if they get more that 3 all day. So he spends most of the day sat around. So because of this he's only on part time hours, about 24 a week, so he may be looking for a new job, but alas because of the credit crunch again... there are no jobs going! Everything stems down to the credit crunch!
Great! :(

Anyways Lets move on to good stuff...
Christmas was good, apart from slashed tyres on his car on christmas day. I was hoping to spend some time with my family have christmas, and then have some time to myself in the evening to do some things i had planned for Yule, but because of that I couldnt.
I still havent iniciated myself into the craft yet, i decided a while ago that i would, but i haven't. I have the ritual all written out, but i just haven't found time to do it, so i don't believe that it would be fair on me and the god and goddess, if i do the ritual and then don't have time for them, so when i have more time, i will do the ritual and dedicate myself.
Hmm, other things, have started reading a few books at the minute, mainly Twilight and the Northern Lights, just to keep my mind of things, whenever i get a spare few minutes, i read a couple of pages. I'm enjoying them so far.
Also catching up on all the Podcasts i missed while offline, and finding some new ones to download, listening to them on my way to work and on my breaks. Not much time, but i cram them in. Many of them are Pagan/Wicca based, while others are just random things that i liked the look of.
Nothing else much to talk about, so i'll leave it there!
Thanks for reading!

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