Thursday, 18 September 2008

Third Post

Well, i went to Lincoln to go to my 'local' witchy shop, to find it has closed down! So i now have no local witchy shop, which kinda sucks. But, i can still buy things off the internet, which i suppose isn't too bad. But it means i have to wait a little while longer for the items.
Well, i was going to do my self dedication ritual this week, but things have gone against me, so i'm able to do it, unless i can fit it in on saturday, but i doubt it highly, but i have got my schedule for next week, so i know what i'm working now, so i am hoping that i can tidy the house a little bit before i do my ritual, as i dont want a messy house while i do it. i should be able to make a start on it on saturday as i'm not at work but i do have a meal to go to for my fiance's nan's birthday. I'm hoping my fiance will hope me to tidy up too, as we always start to tidy and never get anywhere, so i will have to make sure that we actually do it. We'll have to do it one room at a time. Starting with the bedroom and then moving on to the kitchen, spare room and then living room. The bathroom isn't too bad and would only take about 5 or 10 minutes to clean. So i may to that after work tomorrow.
Well, what else can i write about. Erm, I'm downloading some new podcats for my ipod before work, and watching Spongebob Squarepants as there is nothing else on TV. But at 2pm Whose Line Is It Anyway is on, so i can watch that before i leave for work! YAY! lol Anyways, must dash, have to get changed and have something to eat before Whose Line starts! Speak soon.

Blessed Be

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Brook said...

Don't feel bad. The local shop here closed some time ago. It was so handy to drive and get what I need!

There are shops in Greensboro NC (which is about 45 minutes away) I'll have to give them a go or do like you and order online!