Saturday, 13 September 2008

Second Post

Well, i have found out what i am working next week, and i have decided to do my self dedication ritual sometime next week. I have already written the ritual, took me a while to write and to make it feel right.
I'm also planning what to do for Mabon, this will be my first sabbat celebration, so i want to make it special. Luckily, it will me on my guaranteed day off work, so i don't have to book it off work, but with the others, i may have to book time off work, or ask for a certain shift, but i will get to those nearer the time, as i think i will have to ask for an early on Samhain.
I may take a holiday week instead, seen as i found out i have 3 weeks holiday left not 2 as our holiday allowence at work has gone up to 5 weeks instead of 4, but i'll see, as i would like to spend my holidays with my fiance, as with our jobs having dodgy hours we don't see each other much, and i try to enjoy every moment we get to spend with each other.
That reminds me, I'll have to take a trip to Lincoln to visit my 'local' witchy shop, as i need to buy some things for my Mabon ritual, but i'll have to try and not spend so much as you will read below why...

Anyways, lets move onto other things.

I am still waiting for some items i have bought off ebay, can't wait for them to arrive. I hope they arrive sometime next week. I'm so addicted to ebay, its unbelievable, i think im gunna have to set a limit on how much i spend, otherwise I might go broke! lol

Hmm, other things to talk about, work's going ok, it's getting a little annoying though, as i after my holiday i came back to work with a new outlook on life, and there now all complaining that im too happy! Before the holiday, they were complaining that i was always miserable, and now their complaining that im too happy! Oh well, i can't win!

Ah well, anyways, i must be going now, i have work at 4.30 so i have to get ready and walk down and get something to eat... A Big Tasty meal i thinks! lol

Anyways, write again soon!

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