Wednesday, 10 September 2008

First Post

Welcome to my first blog entry. Here I will write information about my life and learning along the wiccan path.

First off, I had better tell you all a little about myself. I'm 22 years old and living in England. I live with my fiance, a rabbit, two gerbils and 4 fish! I work in the local McDonalds and after 5 years in still a lowly crew member, but meh, apparently, I am going up the management road, but shush, I'm not really supposed to know that!

5 years ago, after a Christian Youth Organisation holiday to Kenya to visit African branches of our group, and I decided that Christianity wasn't the religion for me (I disagreed with a lot of what happened during the holiday and a few other things) and started researching lots of different paths and started to explore the path of wicca, but that was short lived as due to some difficuties in my life I lost interest in everything that was going on around me:- my family, friends, education.
But now, all this time later things have settled down in my life. I have a loving and understanding fiance, our own house (although its just rented at the moment), a great job and everything is going great.Once we moved into this house, I started researching the path again, and made the decision a few weeks ago that this was the right path for me.
I have purchased many books and read a lot of information on the internet to help me in making this decision, and my fiance is really supportive of my decision, and he's even started reading my books and getting interested in the path and what its about.

I have decided this week that I will dedicate myself into the craft sometime this month. Not sure when this will be as I'm working a lot this week and im not sure what I'm working next week yet, so i will have to wait to see when i am able to do this.

Anyway thats it for my first entry.
Thanks for reading

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