Friday, 7 August 2009


So we have our keys! YAY!!!
And thankfully he seems to be more bothered about the move. He has actually got a week off towards the end of the month, so we will be able to move everything over to the new house! YAY!!! Can't wait! We moved a few boxes in yesterday, and will be moving a few boxes every so often, so that when it comes to that last week, all we will have to move is our furniture.
I have been looking on the internet for a blessing/protection spell for the new house. I would have prefered to look through my books but alas there packed away and i think are now at the new house! lol I have got the herbs all sorted out, but i need to write my own ritual for it, as i dont want to use the one that i found as its too long and complicated! lol And i really don't have a long concentration... Oh look a squirrel... lol :D
Anyways, what else, well, i am suffering quite badly with a cold, however, I will have to keep my eye on my condition, as i am showing many symptoms of 'Pig Flu' (oink), and seen as some people at work have already had it, it could be a possibility! :( I am currently sniffling, coughing, have a headache, i was freezing in bed last night, but according to my other half i was burning up plus i have lost my appetite and i am so tired too! :( I'm trying to decide if i should go into work, or stay at home and sleep it all off tomorrow. But then again, I need to work so I have enough money after paying the deposit! :( I don't know, i'll see how i feel.
Anyways, better head off, im gunna try and eat something, even though i don't feel like it.. MIght have rice pudding, thats always good on the throat! :)

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